Complete Trader Development

With Membership on FT43 you're walked down the path of complete trader development. Your abilities are assessed, the noise discarded and the valuable skills preserved. In just days you'll see your trading confidence soar to levels you've never thought possible. A few weeks later you'll look back at today and chuckle at how you once traded endlessly for morsels of profit.

You'll continue to polish your expertise and your trading will develop exponentially to levels that the top 5% dream of.

You'll look at each trading day as an opportunity to capture profit and you'll naturally think less about the risk as you've naturally learned to align your trading with the strongest side of the market. Smart Money.

It's a new view on the market that does exactly what it's meant to do with precision, refined analysis and a dynamic approach to capturing profit. Of course we can never guarantee anyone's individual success but we stand behind every bit of our methodologies without limits and that includes trading risking our own money with you trading our accounts when you're ready.

And What's Included?

15 Day Cancellation Policy

FT43 - Intelligent Candles

FlowTraderAG43 - Intelligent Volume Analysis

CSFX - Intelligent Indexes

Group Coaching & Mentorship

1:1 Mentor Support Access

Weekend Warrior Training Sessions

Extended Training Video Library

Capital Allocation Program - Trader Funding

You'd think that with all of these benefits, a non lagging approach to how prices move, resilient trading results and confidence through the roof would cost a small fortune.

If we charged you $ 5,000 it wouldn't be out of line for what it delivers.