OCTOBER 1, 2020 7 AM EST

Sound Principles, A Responsive Approach with Proprietary & Dynamic Analysis from The Ground Up

Twice a Month, we hold free courses to show traders at all levels of experience how to professionally trade foreign exchange. Our Trading 101 is for those without experience, but even those with many years trading are guaranteed to benefit! Our 202 course builds upon 101 with dynamic analysis that walks circles around the market with a responsive approach and full market transparency! Our 43 course, which is reserved for members holds traders hands a bit more as we forward walk and trade live market conditions getting the participants comfortable with making a decision in front of their peers - in public.

FT43Plus - Market Intelligence

FT43Plus Proprietary Volume Analysis - CSFX Delta Indexes - One Click Trading Interface - FT43 Trading Model - Daily Trading Room - Weekend Warrior Training Sessions and Much More!

Trader Funding

Have the Skills but Lack the Capital? We'll Fund Your Trading & Compensate You Fifty Percent of the Returns on Simple Performance Requirements and Risk Metrics. 2,5K to 100K

Pioneering Research

From market micro structure to macro events. It's all dissected.

Supply & Demand

Trade like you're inside the worlds trading pits!

Targeting Profits

Analyzing the charts get's you nowhere, while knowing the market forces delivers profit.

A Dynamic Model

While your neighbor waits for a big move to come, you generate that in multiples with dynamic trading.

Money Flow

Know which currencies the banks are buying while you put their knowledge to work!

Profit Driven

Mere theory provides vague results. Precision provides returns!

Membership here at FT43 takes on an entire new approach to trader education. We provide you dynamic analysis on all market conditions and deliver a trading model in FT43 that identifies the very conditions we teach you. Your membership here ins't just to license FT43, it's for the most affordable comprehensive education on foreign exchange trading there is. When you're done learning you trade to your hearts content, when you need a refresher course we're here to support you.

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Daily Trading Room & Weekend Warrior Sessions

Do you understand true volume analysis? Do you know what the banks are buying? Want to experience the power of dynamic analysis? Seeking to understand how statistical analysis can guide you to resiliency? Ever thought you could trade without seeing the chart? These are all things that we do weekly in our Daily Trading Room and Weekend Warrior Training Sessions. They are free of cost and ultimately walk circles around any paid education program outside of what we do here at FT43 or within CSFX.

You'll forget about almost every form of analysis you know now. If it hasn't worked yet, it's not going to. Enjoy the session, it's shocking!